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MacFest 2020 – Imagines Robert

Making new friends – with MACFest’s Barbara Dresner
Dr Seddon, Sayeeda Warsi and Afzal Khan

MacFest – the Muslim Arts and Culture Festival founded by writer Qaisra Shahraz and hosted in Manchester, returned to the city for 2020 and Christina Longden was asked along in order to read – for the first time – from ‘Imagining Robert’. The audience reacted very warmly to the monologue in the words of Emma Stanley – Robert Reschid’s wife of some 53 years, with Christina’s performance being described as ‘like a female Alan Bennett does Islam and working class women!’

During the same afternoon, Baroness Sayeeda Warsi – who made the endorsements for the books about Robert Reschid – was one of the speakers, along with project supporter, Afzal Khan MP. Things got even more cliquey, when Dr Mohammed Seddon, a very old family friend lectured on the history of Muslim communities in Manchester. Dr Seddon was one of key persons who nudged Christina onto the path of writing these books and was delighted with being presented his own copy.

Well, either that, or he just *pretended* to be 😉

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